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Blog problems

The comment file got corrupted, so we’re trying to figure out how to fix it. In the meantime, the blog is not currently displaying comments. It appears to be storing the comments, however, so I hope we’ll get it fixed within a few days.

You saw it here first! An example of information spreading through the news media

Seth Roberts’s work on self-experimentation is the subject of the Freakonomics column in this Sunday’s New York Times. Regular readers of this blog will recall discussions of Seth’s work here and here. Also a related study here. The publicizing of Seth’s work also is an interesting example of information transmission. Seth published a paper in […]

Postdoctoral position available

Postdoctoral research opportunity: Columbia University, Departments of Epidemiology and Statistics Supervisors: Ezra Susser (epidemiology) and Andrew Gelman (statistics) We have a NIH-funded postdoctoral position (1 or 2 years) available for what is essentially statistical research as applied to some important problems in psychiatric epidemiology. One project which we are working is the Jerusalem Perinatal Study […]

Blog, take two

I’m sure most of you noticed that our blog disappeared for a while last week. Some f&*^ing kid in Michigan of all places hacked into my account through the Wiki. I think the Wiki security problems are now fixed, and have also learned the hard way not to rely on anyone else to back […]