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“Analysis challenges slew of studies claiming ocean acidification alters fish behavior”

Lizzie Wolkovich writes:

Here’s an interesting new paper in climate change ecology that states, “Using data simulations, we additionally show that the large effect sizes and small within-group variances that have been reported in several previous studies are highly improbable.”

I [Lizzie] wish I were more surprised, but mostly I was impressed they did the expensive work to try to replicate these other studies and somehow managed to get it published, given that “[t]he research community in the field of ocean acidification and coral reef fish behaviour has remained small.”

And here’s a news report with more background.

I’ve heard from some very important Harvard professors that the replication rate in psychology is quite high—indeed, it is statistically indistinguishable from 100%. I guess it’s a bit lower in other fields. We should all aspire to the greatness that is Ivy League psychology.

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