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I happened to look up the classic programming book Code Complete (fully, “Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction, Second Edition,” by Steve McConnell) and I learned two amusing things when scrolling down the page:

1. It says, “You last purchased this item on September 9, 2004.” Wow! I bought it, probably on Bob Carpenter’s recommendation, but never read it. Maybe it’s still sitting in my office somewhere? I should really read the damn book already.

2. Also this:

“The Dating Playbook For Men,” huh? I guess the kind of people who would buy a book on coding might buy this one too! Nothing wrong with dating advice; it’s just amusing to see it here. I clicked through, and this Dating Advice book seems controversial. 69% of its ratings are positive, but the three top reviews are very negative. Code Complete seems to be more universally loved.

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