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We should all routinely criticize our own work.

Kerim Kavakli points me to this blog by psychology researcher Todd Kashdan who goes over his recent career and points to concerns he has with his own published work.

I agree with Kavakli that this is a great thing that all of us should be doing. I did not read Kashdan’s examples in detail so I have no comments on the research or whatever mistakes were made, but in general we should regularly engage in self-criticism.

I had only one concern with Kashdan’s post, which is where he seems to associate bad research with bad journals (“There are so many journals that exist. Any time a research study gets rejected, it can be resubmitted somewhere else, and if it happens again and again, scientists can keep on resubmitting until some horrendous outlet takes it.”) The trouble is that top journals publish crap too.

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