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Le Detection Club

I just read this BD. It was great, reminded me a bit of Knives Out.


  1. Pierre says:

    Indeed, got it for Christmas last year, loved it!

    Did not know you spoke French?

    Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année!

  2. JSD says:

    Did you manage to finish Quai d’Orsay?
    Probably my favourite BD – the Villepin parody is hilarious and pretty spot on.
    (the movie was underwhelming, but in another vein, The Wolf’s Call, directed by Baudry = Abel Lanzac was pretty good)

    • Andrew says:


      Yes, I enjoyed Quai tome 2 as well! Did not see the movie. To be honest, the movie of Les Vieux Fourneaux wasn’t so great, but I still liked it, maybe just because it was fun to see the characters talking and moving around.

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