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Hiring at all levels at Flatiron Institute’s Center for Computational Mathematics

We’re hiring at all levels at my new academic home, the Center for Computational Mathematics (CCM) at the Flatiron Insitute in New York City.

We’re going to start reviewing applications January 1, 2021.

A lot of hiring

We’re hoping to hire many people for each of the job ads. The plan is to grow CCM from around 30 people to around 60, which will involve hiring 20 or 30 more postdocs and permanent research staff over the next few years!!! Most of those hires are going to be on the machine learning and stats side.

What we do

I’m still working on Stan and computational stats and would like to hire some more people to work on computational stats and probabilistic programming. There’s also lots of other fascinating work going on in the center, including equivariant neural networks for respecting physical constraints, spike sorting for neural signal classification, Markov chain Monte Carlo for molecular dynamics, phase retrieval (Fourier inverse problem) for cryo electron microscopy, and lots of intricate partial differential equation solvers being developed for challenging problems like cellular fluid dynamics or modeling light flow in the visual system of a wasp.

Plus, there’s a lot of communication across centers. There are Stan users in both the astro and bio centers, working on things like the LIGO project for gravitational waves, ocean biome factor modeling, and protein conformation estimation. If you like science, stats, and computation, it’s a great place to hang out.

The mission

The Flatiron Institute is unusual for an academic institution in that it’s focused squarely on computation.

The mission of the Flatiron Institute is to advance scientific research through computational methods, including data analysis, theory, modeling and simulation.

The motivation remains to fill a gap in scientific software development that’s not supported well by research grants, academia, or industry.

The job listings

The job listings are for two postdoc-level positions (called “fellows”) and an open-rank faculty-level positions (your choice of a “research scientist” or “data scientist” title). Please keep in mind that we’re hiring for all of these positions in bulk over the next few years across the range of center interests.

If you’re interested in comp stats and are going to apply, please drop me a line directly at [email protected].


  1. Funko says:

    It’s not explicitly allowed, so I would assume that remote work is not possible?

  2. Sean Matthews says:

    Unfortunately I live on another continent, otherwise I would be very tempted by this.

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