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They’re looking for Stan and R programmers, and they’re willing to pay.

Tom Vladeck writes:

I am one half of a company building a media mix model, primarily for online e-commerce brands. Our modeling is done in Stan, and we are looking to hire part time developers (paid, of course, at a real rate) to build and maintain our Stan models and R code. They can be any level so long as they are fairly comfortable with Stan, R, and advanced topics in statistics (e.g. Gaussian processes).

His email is [email protected], so if you’re looking for work, just contact him directly.

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  1. Gio Boff says:

    I’ve got a BA in Economics, and I’ve worked with R throughout my econometrics courses. I’ve held a position as a Data Analyst and I’m currently looking for another. I’m comfortable with R and advanced topics in statistics, I would love to work on maintaining models. You can reach me at 4255836953.

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