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My talk this Wed 7:30pm (NY time) / Thurs 9:30am (Australian time) at the Victorian Centre for Biostatistics

The “Victorian Centre for Biostatistics,” huh? I guess maybe I should speak about Francis Galton or something.

Actually, though, I’ll be giving this talk:

Bayesian workflow as demonstrated with a coronavirus example

We recently fit a series of models to account for uncertainty and variation in coronavirus tests (see here). We will talk about the background of this problem and our analysis, and then we will expand into a general discussion of Bayesian workflow.


  1. Not Trampis says:

    We are honoured and lucky to have you talk albeit difficult circumstances.

    Victoria does have a problem with the virus so it will be topical.

  2. Kylie says:

    Australian times: 7:30 AWST, 9:00 ACST, 9:30 AEST

  3. Mikhail Shubin says:

    Im doing Corona modelling for Finland, we pretty much follow the Bayesian workflow here: we use multiple models and constantly trying to improve them, make models more complex or to simplify them; we are always making and testing predictions.

    One of the practical problems of this “Bayesian workflow” is when puplic requests to publish “the model code”, we cannot really provide it as there is no such thing as “the model”.

  4. Colin says:

    I missed it – is the recording available somewhere?

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