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Best econ story evah

Someone who wishes to remain anonymous writes:

Here’s a joke we used to tell about someone in econ grad school, a few decades ago.

Two economists were walking down the street. The first one says: “Isn’t that a $20 bill?” The second one says: “Can’t be. If it were, somebody would have picked it up already.” They walk a little farther, and the second economist says: “Isn’t that a pile of dogshit?” The first one says: “Can’t be. If it were, ** would have published it already.”

No, this is not about anyone we’ve ever blogged about. It’s just a great story.


  1. Bill Drissel says:

    Andrew: My favorite is Economics Joke #1:

    Two Economists walk past a Porshe dealership. One says “I wish I had one of those roadsters.”
    The other says, “Obviously not!”
    Great Blog
    Bill Drissel
    Frisco, TX

  2. LLC says:

    “The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.”

    John Kenneth Galbraith

    (but lawyer jokes are more fun)

  3. Bede says:

    Economics small-talk:

    Economist 1: How are you?
    Economist 2: Relative to what?

    • Bill Spight says:

      Two psychoanalysts pass in the hallway.

      Psychoanalyst 1: Good morning.

      Psychoanalyst 2: Good morning.

      A few moments later the psychoanalysts think to themselves:

      Psychoanalyst 1: Hmmm. What did he mean by that?

      Psychoanalyst 2: Hmmm. What did I mean by that?

  4. oncodoc says:

    Dr. Gelman, you’re a truly deep thinker. Don’t become a cynic. You are too good for that. I understand that you are frustrated.

  5. Dave C. says:

    Economist is self-isolating and has good supply of canned food but no can-opener. What does he do?
    He assumes he has a can-opener.

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