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Come up with a logo for causal inference!

Stephen Cole, Jennifer Hill, Luke Keele, Ilya Shpitser, and Dylan Small write:

We wanted to provide an update on our efforts to build the Society for Causal Inference (SCI). As you may recall, we are creating the SCI as a home for causal inference research that will increase support and knowledge sharing both within the academic community as well as between academics, policy-makers and researchers in the private sector. The Society’s mission is to foster the science of causal inference and connect disparate fields that use causal knowledge. SCI will address both the need for better methods and the need to make these methods available to researchers who impact policy – helping us all improve our answers to critical causal questions that confront us everyday.

. . .

We are announcing a logo contest for the Society. Please send your logo ideas to one of the undersigned. The winner will get one year free membership in the Society.

Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is you’re fired.

OK, just kidding about the second and third prizes. But they’re serious about the logo. So if you have something, let them know!


  1. Rodney Sparapani says:

    Hi Andrew:

    How about a DAG like this…

    / \
    v v

    Hope you are safe


    • Andrew says:

      I was thinking maybe they could use a cat picture . . .

      • RudyB says:

        I was trained as an architect (before I moved spatial stats) where they trained us in logos, creating your own font (some kind of a logo) etc besides designing buildings and spaces. Logos involve quite a bit of philosophy (especially semiotics: the meaning of signs, signifier and the signified), calligraphy, drafting (geometry, perspective geometry: reflection, rotation, translation), philosophy (deconstruction, structural and post structuralism), advertising (psychology, grandiose), art and finally BS. A cat would be apt :)

  2. John Richters says:

    An image of a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat

  3. Alan E. Dunne says:

    Dear Sir

    Any link to the Society for Causal Inference or even the contest?

    Yours Sincerely,
    Alan E. Dunne

  4. Terry says:

    I vote for an an arrow that goes from left to right. Do something clever to make it look causallyish … I’m not sure what … I can’t do all the work around here.

    • Terry says:

      Have the arrow pushing a billiard ball. Genius!

      You could change the arrow to a billiard cue and have the cue pushing the billiard ball, but that’s probably too literal. Or maybe its even more geniusy!

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