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OHDSI COVID-19 study-a-thon.

The OHDSI COVID-19 study-a-thon started early on Thursday morning – 3 am for me.

The wrap up session – of the START of the Odyssey that needs to continue – will be available at 7 pm eastern time / EDT.

This will give anyone who might be able to contribute  to a world wide collaboration to enable better decision making and research on Covid19 a sense about what has happened so far.

I’ll add the link when I get it or anyone commenting that gets please share it here.

Sorry for delay – this is the link

Slides are now available . Other groups will be re-running the analyses on other data providers data and pointing out what they learned.


Introduction – Daniel Prieto-Alhambra and Patrick Ryan (Slides)
Literature Review – Jennifer Lane (22:00 • Slides)
Data Network In Action – Kristin Kostka (26:10• Slides)
Phenotype Development – Anna Ostropolets (31:38• Slides)
Clinical Characterization of COVID-19 – Ed Burn (42:10 • Slides)
The Journey Through Patient-Level Prediction – Peter Rijnbeek (50:12 • Slides)
Prediction #1: Amongst Patients Presenting with COVID-19, Influenza, or Associated Symptoms, Who Are Most Likely to be Admitted to the Hospital in the Next 30 Days? – Jenna Reps (56:55 • Slides)
Prediction #2: Amongst Patients at GP Presenting with Virus or Associated Symptoms with/without Pneumonia Who Are Sent Home, Who Are Most Likely to Require Hospitalization in the Next 30 Days? – Ross Williams (1:08:42 • Slides)
Prediction #3: Amongst Patients Hospitalized with Pneumonia, Who Are Most Likely To Require Intensive Services or Die? – Aniek Markus (1:15:25 • Slides)
Estimation #1: Hydroxychloroquine – Daniel Prieto-Alhambra (1:23:32 • Slides)
Estimation #2: Safety of HIV/HepC Protease Inhibitors – Albert Prats (1:31:24 • Slides)
Estimation #3: Association of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitors and Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers (ARB) on COVID Incidence and Complications – Daniel Morales (1:36:58 • Slides)
#OpenData4COVID19 – Seng Chan You (1:45:32 • Slides)
The Journey Ahead – Patrick Ryan (1:50:28 • Slides)
Questions & Answers – Daniel Prieto-Alhambra, Peter Rijnbeek and Patrick Ryan (2:08:15)


  1. Keith O’Rourke says:

    Link is available :-)

  2. More Anonymous says:

    The times Keith O’Rourke mentions are eastern time / EDT.

    The OHDSI covid-19 project is hugely impressive. Thanks for posting

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