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MRP Conference registration now open!

Registration for our MRP mini conference/meeting is now open. Please go to the conference website to register.  Places are limited so make sure you register so you don’t miss out!

Abstract submissions will be open until the end of this month.

Other than the great talks that we already have submitted, I’m super excited because this conference inspired us to make a hex MRP sticker! Created by the wonderful Mitzi Morris, this sticker will be available at the conference.

This conference wouldn’t be possible without the proud support of the Departments of Statistics and Political Science and Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy at Columbia University.


  1. Dzhaughn says:

    In this motif, which he pursued for decades, Piet Mondrian would never have used a 120 degree angle. Or a border at the edge. Or produced anything meant to be copied. Or letters.

    But he was a nice guy so maybe he wouldn’t complain. It is probably meant as an homage. Just be sure to go discover what Piet was really up to.

    Mondrian, Rest in Peace.

    Maybe try Bart van der Leck next time, who did some good De Stijl commercial art. Maybe some of it suggests fitting a curve.

  2. You didn’t get the use of hexagonal angles to escape Mondrian’s restrictive formal vocabulary through cross-classified demographic poststratification overlayed with thought-leadership branding in the form of a trichromatic acronym? The curator must not have hung the wall talker.

    Seriously, though, we’ve seen lots of Piet. Just last fall, we saw a show of his early figurative work at the Musée Marmottan. I’ve even been to the Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag!

    P.S. We were one-upped by MoMA, who threw off the shackles of planarity in mixing curves with non-rectilinear angles, resulting in the Mondrian umbrella.

    P.P.S. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone to an undergrad art show yesterday!

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