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Calling all cats

Those of you familiar with this blog will have noticed that it regularly features cats. For example the majestic cat featured last week, this lover of Bayesian data analysis here and even my own cat, Jazz is featured here.

Sometimes there’s not quite the right cat picture out there – Andrew has even resorted to requesting cat pictures to bring a little sass to the statistical discussions. A few months ago I got the idea of creating a repo of cats who like statistics. Or cats whose owners like statistics. If you know such a cat and you want them to be statistics-blog famous, then submit their photo through this Google form so we can feature them!


  1. Funko says:

    How about cats stuck in the body of a dog?

    • Martha Smith says:

      I think my former next door neighbor’s cat was really a dog stuck in the body of a cat. She would greet me with the enthusiasm of a dog when I opened the car door after driving into my garage.

  2. Terry says:

    Off topic. What is up with this?

    My editorial paper entitled, “No raw data, no science: another possible source of the reproducibility crisis”. When I feel the results are too beautiful, I requested raw data before sending it out for review. 40 out of 41 did not send me the right data.

    See Figure 1 of the linked article.

  3. Justin says:

    How about probability-created cats from ?



  4. Lauren Kennedy says:

    Some of these cats are seriously un cat like

  5. Zad says:

    I believe I have won this competition

  6. Oli says:

    I feel more proud than when I received my PhD, I may need help…

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