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We’ve been talking a lot about football lately. I just wrote a football-themed post. It will appear in two weeks, that is, the morning of 26 Jan.

Please send an appropriate picture of your cat and I can append it to the post? Thank you.


  1. Emmanuel Charpentier says:

    Do you mean what the +/-3.5e8 USAians call “football”, or what is called “footall” by +/-7e9 bon-USAians (denoted “soccer” in the USA) ?

  2. Oxford E. says:

    Which usage is used less often?
    1) ‘football’ referring to American ‘gridiron’ vs World ‘football’ aka soccer
    2) Referring to people from the USA as ‘USAians’ vs ‘Americans’

    • Emmanuel Charpentier says:

      > 2) Referring to people from the USA as ‘USAians’ vs ‘Americans’

      Last time I looked, Canada and Mexico, which, AFAICT are not part of the “United States of Amrica” political entity, were still located in what is usually called “North America”. Never mind Central and South America… This (usually unconscious) metonymy seems to have had some non-negligible consequences…

      BTW, I ignored the word “gridiron” until your answer. Thanks !

  3. Not Trampis says:

    I did not know you like the beautiful game. Congrats

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