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Knives Out

Since I just ran a post without the 6-month delay, I might as well do another, this time to recommend Knives Out to you. We saw it a few days before Christmas, and it was our most enjoyable time at the movies since . . . actually, I can’t remember the last time we had so much fun. It was comparable to when we saw The Drowsy Chaperone.

I more often have this experiences of being enjoyably transported when reading a book, for example the works of Meg Wolitzer and Jonathan Coe. I guess it’s easier to get lost in the world of a book than the world of a movie or play. But the movie or play experience is special when the whole audience is laughing.

P.S. I should add that, in addition to being well acted, well shot, well written, and lots of fun, Knives Out also had some deep moments—or, at least, moments that seemed deep to me. To avoid spoilers, I’ll put these thoughts in rot13: V yvxrq gung ovg arne gur ortvaavat jurer Qnavry Penvt gnyxrq nobhg tbvat gb gur raq bs gur envaobj jurer gurer vf gehgu, naq gura jnvgvat sbe gur riragf bs gur fgbel gb trg gurer. Guvf frrzf gb zr gb qrfpevor n ybg bs jung erfrnepu srryf yvxr, naq vg nyfb svg va jvgu gur fcrpvsvpf bs gur fgbel fhpu nf uvf abgvpvat gur oybbq ba Nan qr Neznf’f fubr. Nyfb gur ovg ng gur raq jurer ur fnlf gung fur jba ol abg cynlvat gurve tnzr. Nyfb V yvxrq gur srry bs gur raqvat, ubj lrf fur tbg gur zbarl ohg vg jnfa’g cerfragrq nf fbzr sha pncre gung fur chyyrq bss. Gurer jnf fnqarff, cnegyl sebz Rqv Cnggrefba qlvat naq nyfb orpnhfr vg’f abg pyrne jung jvyy unccra gb Nan’f zbgure, ohg nyfb vg jnf whfg pbafvfgrag jvgu gur gurzr bs gur zbivr gung gur fvkgl zvyyvba qbyyne sbeghar jnf zber bs n ubg cbgngb guna n znthssva.


  1. John Richters says:

    Andrew: What a relief to learn that your “Knives Out” post was a movie recommendation and not a continuation of the dialogue about Walker’s book!!

    • Andrew says:


      The funny thing is, the rest of the post works for that too. The Drowsy Chaperone fits the sleep theme, and the author of Why We Sleep could fit in just fine as a character in the satirical fiction of Wolitzer or Coe.

  2. John Richters says:

    Andrew: Funny. But maybe a partial model fit, controlling for the “recommend”, “we has so much fun”, “most enjoyable”, “enjoyably transported” elements!

    • Andrew says:


      Indeed, Why We Sleep is no masterpiece. If we want to draw the crime analogy, it would be with one of those everything-goes-wrong movies where the execution of the crime is sloppy every step of the way, and the real mystery is how the whole thing lasted as long as it did.

  3. I enjoyed Knives Out too. However, I guessed who dunnit in the 1st 15 or 20 minutes.

    BTW, saw Bombshell > superb actress who played Meghan Kelly. Also Little Women poignant and artful. Good character development but here and there some gaps in plot.

  4. John Richters says:

    Andrew: A much better fit. Even better if we add “Waiting for Godot” to the analogy.

  5. Eren Elçi says:

    Thanks Andrew for the recommendation. I watched the movie together with my family and really enjoyed it.

    However, I am confused about one aspect, written below again in rot13:

    Jul qvq Sena fraq Enaqfbzr cneg bs gur yno erfhygf, nsgre ernqvat gur erfhygf. Fur zhfg unir xabja gung nyy gur yno inyhrf ybbxrq bxnl, rffragvnyyl tvivat ure ab shegure rivqrapr fhccbegvat gung Enafbz vf thvygl.

    • Andrew says:


      Guvf jnf rkcynvarq gung va gur zbivr. V guvax gurl fnvq gung Sena qvqa’g xabj rabhtu cuneznpbybtl gb haqrefgnaq jung gur yno erfhygf jrer fnlvat, fb fur whfg nffhzrq gurl pbasvezrq Enafbz’f thvyg.

  6. Andrew says:


    Fher, V guvax ohg ure eryngvir be sevraq jub jbexrq ng gur yno jnf whfg n pyrex fb znlor jbhyqa’g unir orra noyr gb haqrefgnaq gur ercbeg rvgure. Nyfb, Sena nyernql xarj jung fur jnf ybbxvat sbe. Vs lbh nyernql xabj jung lbh’er ybbxvat sbe, lbh jba’g arprffnevyl guvax bs purpxvat lbhe nafjre pnershyyl.

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