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StanCon 2019: 20–23 August, Cambridge, UK

It’s official. This year’s StanCon is in Cambridge. For details, see

What can you expect?

There will be two days of tutorials at all levels and two days of invited and submitted talks.

The previous three StanCons (NYC 2017, Asilomar 2018, Helsinki 2018) were wonderful experiences for both their content and their collegial nature. StanCon is ridiculously interdisciplinary, cutting across science, engineering, finance, education, government, and sports (check out the previous lineups). It also brings a balanced mix of academic and industrial attendees and speakers.

Propose a tutorial or submit a paper

There’s still time to propose a tutorial or submit an abstract for a talk or poster. This year’s process for submitting abstracts is streamlined from previous StanCons.

Early registration

Early registration (at 33% savings) ends May 15, 2019.

About Cambridge

In terms of scenery, I’ll say no more than that Cambridge University is where they filmed Hogwarts.

It’s also steeped in real history. The university has had professors like Isaac Newton and has yielded software like BUGS. It also has a famous river with infamously precarious boats. It’s England, so there are great pubs.

If you’ve got ’em, wear ’em

Speaking of Harry Potter, it appears from the home page link above that the banquet’s going to be full Georgian Gothic in the King’s College Dining Hall. If you happen to own an academic gown (or a cosplay version thereof), this seems like the venue (just kidding—you might be the only one!).


  1. Simon Gates says:

    I hate to get into really controversial issues, but I don’t think they filmed any of Harry Potter in Cambridge. They certainly used Oxford University (Christ Church was the basis for the Great Hall and some Hogwarts scenes were filmed in New College). Then again, Oxford and Cambridge are pretty similar… (runs away and hides).

  2. Paulo Batista says:

    I would love if a “tutorial” on introduction to baysian modelling with stan for social scientists will be offered!

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