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StanCon 2018 Helsinki tutorial videos online

StanCon 2018 Helsinki tutorial videos are now online at Stan YouTube channel

List of tutorials at StanCon 2018 Helsinki

  • Basics of Bayesian inference and Stan, parts 1 + 2, Jonah Gabry & Lauren Kennedy
  • Hierarchical models, parts 1 + 2, Ben Goodrich
  • Stan C++ development: Adding a new function to Stan, parts 1 + 2, Bob Carpenter, Sean Talts & Mitzi Morris
  • Ordinary differential equation (ODE) models in Stan, Daniel Lee
  • Productization of Stan, Eric Novik, Markus Ojala, Tom Nielsen, Anna Kircher
  • Model assessment and selection, Aki Vehtari

Abstracts for tutorials are available at conference website.

Talk videos will be edited and divided to individual talks this week.

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