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New Stan case studies: NNGP and Lotka-Volterra

It’s only January and we already have two new case studies up on the Stan site.

Two new case studies

Lu Zhang of UCLA contributed a case study on nearest neighbor Gaussian processes.

Bob Carpenter (that’s me!) of Columbia Uni contributed one on Lotka-Volterra population dynamics.

Mitzi Morris of Columbia Uni has been updating her ICAR spatial models case study; the neighbor graph is now explained in pictures, the results have been extended from Brooklyn to all five boroughs of NYC, and the results overlaid on Google maps.

Tufte handout format!

I’m really excited about the tufte-handout style I used. Thanks to Sarah Heaps of Newcastle Uni for showing me her teaching materials for her Jumping Rivers RStan course. It inspired me to check out the Tufte format. I’m already using it for the MCMC and Stan book to back up the Coursera courses I’m preparing.

StanCon case studies coming soon

As soon as Jonah can process them, there’ll be a whole bunch of case studies in the proceedings from the 2018 StanCon in Asilomar.

Lots of case studies available

Here’s the complete list of official case studies.

Of course, lots of people do Stan case studies in papers, YouTube videos and blogs.

Your case study here

Meanwhile, if you have case studies to contribute, please let us know. It’s as easy as using knitr or Jupyter and sending us the HTML and a repo link.

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