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StanCon 2018 Live Stream — bad news…. not enough bandwidth

Breaking news: no live stream. We’re recording, so we’ll put the videos online after the fact.

We don’t have enough bandwidth to live stream today.




StanCon 2018¬†starts today! We’re going to try our best to live stream the event on YouTube.

We have the same video setup as last year, but may be limited by internet bandwidth here at Asilomar.

If we’re up, we will these YouTube events on the Stan YouTube Channel¬†(all times Pacific):



  1. Maurits says:

    Too bad about the live stream, but still looking forward to the recordings. Have fun!

  2. Roy says:

    if you went to the video link, and accidentally clicked on something, you get the next video, at least for me is:

    “Prophecy – God’s Kingdom Will Rise In America”

    is this a new use for Stan? Perhaps some Oracle property that it has? Has Andrew or Bob or someone else been holding out on us?

  3. Well we can listen to recordings at least. Thanks.

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