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StanCon2018: one month to go, schedule finalized, over 20 talks, 6 tutorials… and flights are cheap

StanCon2018 is shaping up nicely as a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in all things Stan, meet Stan developers and fellow users. Registration is still open, but spots are filling up fast. We’re at 130 registrants and counting!

The draft schedule is now up. We have 16 accepted talks and 6 invited talks. Posters are still being accepted for our “Wear your poster” reception.

There are 6 tutorials:

  • Intro to Stan (8hrs over 4 sessions)
  • Advanced Hierarchical Models
  • Gaussian Processes
  • How to develop for Stan at the C++ level
  • Bayesian Decision Making for Executives and Those who Communicate with them
  • Have I Converged Successfully? How to verify fit and diagnose fit problems.

And there’s a 2 hour data/modeling session where you can get feedback on your data/models from Stan developers/modelers.

We have fun after dinner activities like R/C Airplane building/flying, non-snobby blind wine tasting and bonfire s’mores.

Go to and register! StanCon2018 is happening at the beautiful Asilomar conference facility at the beach in Monterey California for three days starting January 10, 2018.


StanCon2018 Organizing Committee

P.S. Thanks to our sponsors: Facebook, Metrum, Generable, and Jumping Rivers.

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  1. Mark W. says:

    Interested in what will be presented but can’t attend. Any of the talks going to be recorded, or papers/posters uploaded online?

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