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The Statistical Crisis in Science—and How to Move Forward (my talk next Monday 6pm at Columbia)

I’m speaking Mon 13 Nov, 6pm, at Low Library Rotunda at Columbia:

The Statistical Crisis in Science—and How to Move Forward

Using examples ranging from elections to birthdays to policy analysis, Professor Andrew Gelman will discuss ways in which statistical methods have failed, leading to a replication crisis in much of science, as well as directions for improvements through statistical methods that make use of more information.

Online reservation is required; follow the link currently full and closed. This will be a talk for a general audience.


  1. Thanatos Savehn says:

    “The requested page does not exist, p<0.05"

  2. If this is broadcast, why/how can registration be full/closed? Will it be viewable by anyone somewhere?

  3. Michael Feiler says:


    I very much enjoyed your talk last night and had a damn good time. In my 26+ years at Columbia, I’ve attended hundreds of lectures and cannot make this claim more than a handful of times.

    Thank you for pointing me to your blog entitled “19 Things We Learned from the 2016 Election.” I instinctively knew that neuroscientist Sam Wang’s 99% probability of Clinton winning the election seemed off, but I must admit that I still continued to look at the site every day.

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