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Tenure-Track or Tenured Prof. in Machine Learning in Aalto, Finland

This job advertisement for a position in Aalto, Finland, is by Aki

We are looking for a professor to either further strengthen our strong research fields, with keywords including statistical machine learning, probabilistic modelling, Bayesian inference, kernel methods, computational statistics, or complementing them with deep learning. Collaboration with other fields is welcome, with local opportunities both at Aalto and University of Helsinki. A joint appointment with the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT a joint research centre with University of Helsinki, can be negotiated. Aalto is currently investing heavily in fundamental research in AI and Finland to applied AI, and Aalto Department of Computer Science is the right place to pursue the next generation of machine learning and AI.

With nine professors and ca. 100 PhD students and postdocs working in machine learning, data mining, and probabilistic modelling, Aalto Department of Computer Science is one of Europe’s leading centres of research in the field of the call.

Review of the position will begin on 29 October 2017. The position will remain open until filled.

I can add that Aalto has also the second largest concentration of Stan developers in the world!

See more at the full call

P.S. You can manage very well in Finland with English, you can teach in English and you don’t need to learn any Finnish for the job. Helsinki has been selected many times among world’s top 10 liveable cities


  1. Andrew says:

    Also I’ve heard the winters are surprisingly mild.

    (Not really.)

    • Dan Simpson says:

      They’re not that bad. Everything is built with the knowledge that winter exists. (Unlike England, where I was *much* colder than I was when I lived here)

      • Keith O'Rourke says:

        Same for me – my first winter in Oxford after living in Ottawa for 3 years – I found it unbearably cold.

        • Dan Simpson says:

          The horror of being cold inside your own house even though you earn a decent wage was certainly a contributing factor to me leaving England. Whereas I mostly left Helsinki because I was a touch too green at the time to work out how to do the great job I had landed. (Story of my life)

          • ojm says:

            I found the heating/insulation setup faaar better in the UK than in New Zealand. I’m not sure we understand the concept of ‘house’ down here, though/therefore we pay far too much for them…

  2. Keith O'Rourke says:

    Being cold inside was also what I found unbearable.

    > touch too green at the time to work out how to do the great job I had
    The advantage of getting stuck somewhere is that it eventually gets sorted out (an unknown mixture of increasing competencies and lowering expectations?)

    • Dan Simpson says:

      Ain’t that the truth! I eventually got good at what I do. But apparently not good enough to be able afford to heat my damn house in Bath. (Academia in the UK is underpaid to the point of idiocy). I remember Finland being fairly well paid.

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