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Stan Conference Live Stream

StanCon 2017 is tomorrow! Late registration ends in an hour. After that, all tickets are $400.

We’re going to be live streaming the conference. You’ll find the stream as a YouTube Live event from 8:45 am to 6 pm ET (and whatever gets up will be recorded by default). We’re streaming it ourselves, so if there are technical difficulties, we may have to stop early.

We’re on Twitter and you can track the conference with the #stancon2017 hashtag.



  1. felix says:

    will this stream be available for later viewing? that would be great!

  2. Leonardo Egidi says:

    Exciting! And the stream quality is quite good, congratulations for this possibility

  3. Jack says:

    Congrats, you guys are doing a great job with Stan!

  4. Daniel says:

    Looks like we lost audio at the start of the Q&A panel. You’ll have to come to StanCon 2018!

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