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I’m only adding new posts when they’re important . . . and this one’s really important.

Durf Humphries writes:

I’m a fact-checker and digital researcher in Atlanta. Your blog has been quite useful to me this week. Your statistics and explanations are impressive, but the decision to ornament your articles with such handsome cats? That’s divine genius and it’s apparent that these are not random cats, but carefully curated critters that compliment the scholarship. Bravo.

He adds:

I’ve also attached a picture of my cats that you are welcome to use. Their names are Peach (the striped one) and Pancake (the very, very dark gray one).


  1. Annie pertit says:

    Thank you for this important message. I wish I had a cat. :(

  2. Walter Reade says:

    Bravo on the outstanding click-bait title!

  3. Shravan says:

    Hey, I compliment your research too, despite not being a cat.

  4. Dalton says:

    This blog has a feline bias. Which is weird because everyone knows that cats are frequentists and dogs are Bayesians. It’s a scientific finding on teetering on edge of the significance abyss (p = 0.051).

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