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Lauryn’s back!

Really, no snark here. She’s got some excellent tracks on the new Nina Simone tribute album. The best part’s the sample from the classic Nina song. But that’s often the case. They wouldn’t sample something if it was no good.

P.S. Let me clarify: I prefer Lauryn’s version to Nina’s original. The best parts of Lauryn’s are the Nina samples, but I think in its entirety the new version works better, at least to my modern ears.


  1. Martha says:

    Simone’s version sounds better to my old ears.

  2. Brad Stiritz says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I guess I’m confused here..? I recognized these songs from the 1960s musical “Hair”, one of my favorites from childhood. It was a bizarre experience, though, seeing this musical at age 8, on holiday in London with my parents!

    I’ll have to pull the old vinyl out and play this one for my teens. Thanks for the flashback ;)

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