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Migrating your blog from Movable Type to WordPress

Cord Blomquist, who did a great job moving us from horrible Movable Type to nice nice WordPress, writes:

I [Cord] wanted to share a little news with you related to the original work we did for you last year. When ReadyMadeWeb converted your Movable Type blog to WordPress, we got a lot of other requestes for the same service, so we started thinking about a bigger market for such a product. After a bit of research, we started work on automating the data conversion, writing rules, and exceptions to the rules, on how Movable Type and TypePad data could be translated to WordPress.

After many months of work, we’re getting ready to announce, a service that converts Movable Type and TypePad export files to WordPress import files, so anyone who wants to migrate to WordPress can do so easily and without losing permalinks, comments, images, or other files. By automating our service, we’ve been able to drop the price to just $99.

I recommend it (and, no, Cord is not paying me for this blurb, nor is he giving me a discount).

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