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Our new improved blog! Thanks to Cord Blomquist

Hi all. You may have noticed changes in the appearance of the blog. Cord Blomquist moved us over to this new WordPress blog. He earlier did it for our sister blog and he can do it for you too, for a reasonable fee. We had a few hitches in getting all the files and links and comments working, and Cord was with us all the way to straighten things out. Thanks, Cord! You did a great job and we’re happy to recommend you to others.

P.S. The last thing we got working was the RSS feed. So if you’ve been reading the blog on RSS, you have about 3 weeks of backlog you can catch up on.

P.P.S. We’re still playing a bit with the blog’s formatting. Feel free to put any formatting suggestions in the comments.


  1. Since this blog is now on, can I presume that (as with my class blog) we can use inline LaTeX if we need it? (This is described on the website).

  2. EmilyKennedy says:

    I love your new blog! It was a bit weird when the RSS feed dumped about fifty posts in my reader one recent evening, but it was neat to look back and see what you have been writing about. Especially that one post that had ~100 comments. Nice one!

  3. Here’s one that works on my test blog:

    $latex \frac{P(F \mid N,L)}{P(F \mid \neg N,L)}\geq 1&s=2$

    We’ll see what happens.

  4. Ben Bolker says:

    My only complaint with the new site is that it seems to lag quite a bit when I open up pages as it spends a bunch of time querying Facebook and Twitter …

  5. Jesse Rothstein says:

    I agree with Ben’s comment. When I open this blog in Chrome (my usual browser), it slows my browser to a snail’s pace, and has a notable effect on other processes as well. This only happens on the main page — not once I click on an individual post, and seems to have something to do with the facebook and twitter buttons, which take a long time to appear. I don’t see this with other sites that have apparently similar buttons.

    The problem really makes the blog unusable — a lag of a couple of seconds between pushing a key to scroll down and getting the actual result. While your blog is yours, I’d strongly recommend trying to fix this. I don’t mean this to sound like a threat (because why should you care?), but I will stop reading the blog if it is not fixed.

    • Andrew says:


      We made some changes. Is the blog still slowing your computer down?

      • Jesse Rothstein says:

        Its a bit better. Now, every time I load the main page (when I first arrive, and when I hit “back” after viewing an individual post), there’s a delay of perhaps 4 seconds during which the “like” and “tweet” buttons gradually appear. Once that is done, I can move up and down the page without further delay. But during those 4 seconds, I basically can’t navigate up and down, or click on links. I’m afraid I’m not quick enough on the trigger to know whether other processes are slowed during that time, though I suspect they are.