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RSS mess

Apparently some of our new blog entries are appearing as old entries on the RSS feed, meaning that those of you who read the blog using RSS may be missing a lot of good stuff. We’re working on this. But, in the meantime, I recommend you click on the blog itself to see what’s been posted in the last few weeks. Enjoy.


  1. CJSwearingen says:

    The "RSS mess" posted to my RSS feed without problem.

    A quick check of RSS vs blog posts does not yield any sequence problems. I did note that the "financial bailouts" post from this morning is missing. Interestingly, searching my RSS feeds I find the post shared by a friend, but I have not seen any shared posts from him since 2010-06-12.

  2. Jeremy Miles says:

    In Google Reader it's working fine – everything is appearing soon after it appears on the blog. (At least for me).

  3. http://models.street says:

    It has entirely to do with which date the reader chooses to use for sorting. In Thunderbird, it appears to use the "updated" date, which when the entry is scheduled for publication in the future will be an "old" date by the time the publication happens.