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Blog, take two

I’m sure most of you noticed that our blog disappeared for a while last week.

Some f&*^ing kid in Michigan of all places hacked into my account through the Wiki. I think the Wiki security problems are now fixed, and have also learned the hard way not to rely on anyone else to back things up!

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that the blog is now functional again, and getting close to being back to its old glory. Most if not all of the entries are back up. I’ll work on comments tomorrow. The uploaded files and links were lost. I’ll replace the ones I have access to, but you might want to check your own entries and update links and pictures (same goes for the Wikis). All authors have the same user names as they were before, and passwords have been set back to the original ones I made up (let me know if you don’t know your password).

I apologize for the interruption!